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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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a student and be a part of their democratic process of san francisco. >> i feel that i did something for my community. >> when you are a high school poll workers, you are excused in class, you gain so much knowledge in skipping school it's probably one of the best experience i had had, i'm glad i had it all throw high school. >> they recruit new student poll workers through every election for more information go to sf [music] the meeting to order attends to interfere with the equipment in the room
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and we're waiting for television actually okay can we all rise for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all may want environmental impact report. >> please do you ms. hermann commissioner turman commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus is no route commissioner mazzucco commissioner hwang commissioner melara we have quorum commissioner president loftus and with us is the archive executive officer and the director the office of complaints director hicks. >> well, to the wednesday,
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may 13, 2015 police commission to everyone watching at home we'll keep up items on the agenda first, i understand that inspector monroe we're going to take off the presentation felt certificate to mr. lamp. >> correct and take off calendar within section 4b the ocii director's report and the ocii outreach and the ocii confer safer those are legitimate i didn't reports the ocii has spent a lot of time and there were issues we didn't have enough time to review them any issues inspector monroe. >> no. >> questions colleagues? okay inspection consent calendar received a final action important the portfolio quarterly report first convert 2015 requester to the
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chief it accept a donation to request a victim get the money in response to a beating >> have a letter from mr. robert additionally issues commending the chief for his handling and feeling positive about the chief you needing noted a homeless man almost killed and wanted to provide a dpoomsz to the victim any questions for the chief financial officer. >> no, we appreciate the convenient rot. >> new questions on this colleagues do you have a motion. >> so moved and second. >> all in favor, say i. > opposed? motion passes amazing and also want to thank mr. evans
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for the donation and also for expressing your violative and the portfolio report any questions pop that matter inform 90 for the director okay. a motion. >> commissioner turman. >> without voigt privacy of privacy can i know the substance why the request was denied by the department? >> yes. commissioner turman and members of the commission this has to do with ociis access to p psa police service aids
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and in the past were provided access to them and legal opinion was issued denying us assess wear having further conversations about that and because often complainant don't know whether they've had an interaction with a police ever the psa and in order to help them identify who it is we do photo lineup but without those photos we're not able to do that so when it is not an officer then what we would do is refer the complaint back to the police department because in internal affairs investigates the city
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complaints against non-sworn not only were we denied access to photos but denied access to the list of psas by station and so we have things to work out and we don't agree with the legal opinion however, it has to be with the labor code so we're trying to work this out there's a provision of the labor code that is being applied so the opinion came from the departments attorney and but it also it is being concurred with - i
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shouldn't say it is concurred we're still looking at it with our attorney they're often in the city attorney's office, however, and that is attributable for us it sets aside a practice that we've having had for many years and not and perhaps the labor code provision is determined but certainly makes things less transcript and it frustrates the complainants ability to have the complainants complaint heard so. >> is that an issue of first impression have we dealt with this before it is a frustrating practice in the past is it
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feasible. >> yes. well - new dating back to november. >> if i could the police officers picture the names are provided by the psas are not sworn their civilians if there's a complaint that request for all psa pictures and names so the union weighed in because they're represented by a different group and that's where the conversations is. >> and curling the city attorney's office office the representatives of ocii occ and the attorneys is advising to weigh in on this. >> go ahead. >> yes. thou chief suhr. >> the police commission and the police chief shared and that attorney opined the labor code
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is determined there's a labor code provision and . >> sore which code provision and attorney franco in the audience maybe she can approach - with the permission of the chair. >> president and, of course. >> welcome ms. franco. >> occ i'm sorry may having i have the question to. >> the provision of the labor code. >> i don't have it by memory there is a labor code that identifying the employees of another department the director said do city attorney is weighing in and vesting that absorb we can be clear about what was allowed or not allowed the trick for us if if in the past we've received we had received this information so had is a slightly new situation but
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it is a good time as any to get st. it clarified. >> and commissioner turman if i might i mean at ms. franco it is the interpretation of the employer what the city attorney has o pined an employer is each department of the city and so what it labor code prohibit is one employer providing another employer affirmative. >> i know the section now. >> okay it is interesting interpretation of the labor code but okay. thank you very much >> okay. do i have a motion to file the quarterly report. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. opposed? motion passes unanimously
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>> line item 3 public comment the public comment can address the commission not with the agenda for today is the people shall address the commission as a whole no commissioners are to respond to the public but may i provide a comment, however they shall rerefrain from the conversations with the public limit your conversations to 3 minutes. >> unbelievable. >> welcome. >> i see the commander maddox he's no traffic and i brought it
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up i heard last night a interview with the director of salt lake city on traffic they have a great program wide sidewalks and two traffic lights one for the bikes and one for the cars i licensed to that and said that is brilliant i'll make a left to right turn and the bikes go first, the cars go second i listened to them and call in to k go and told commander maddox she said i didn't think about that i said call salt lake city i hope she does on to other issues 20 homicides year to date and oakland has thirty and new york 313 and la
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hundred and 41 not bad commander bradenton said i'll make it 2 hundred homicides next year you go bay boy you go boy a lot of good things are going on i know sometimes negative things go on but i'm connected to a lot of people on the social network i'll be can defended we'll text each other and talk about everything and there's a lot of things right now which ms. hicks i didn't see a breakdown of containment from the black community clyde you know you can't direct conversations to anyone. >> what. >> you can't direct our conversations. >> i haven't seen a complaint from a black or white community
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or latino it's been utilized to me in the victimized we're living in right now it would show i i don't think are go the black community makes a lot of complaints. >> you can provide a brief response. >> yes. president and members of the commission in response to the commissioner mazzucco. >> commissioner president loftus and members the commission a breakdown of rates and ethnics in the appendix to the appendixes annual report it is on our the occ website and african-americans were 26 percent of occ complainant in
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2014 and all matters listed under the consent agenda are considered to be routine by the members of city council were 27 percent 26 percent declined to state their race and asian-americans were 6 percent even though i can't give my annual report tonight because of deliveries at least i can talk about this and 11 percent were latino and 2 percent were native-american islanders. >> welcome. >> okay. >> next speaker. >> any further public comment good evening jessie welcome. >> yes. i was the african-american i want to add this is my overwhelm i want the people to know 445 sf w p
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the code is 19 61 to 2014 you can get in there and get the e-mails and see the pictures i want to thank the prosecutors stand for that i have pledges i'll try to it to mexico brenda and jerry, jose and harry williams and others i'll take that pledge to stand up you up to all forms of hated and bigotry i'll not tolerant those with the other factors i'll work with my neighbors to create safe and more inclusive communities
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for all that's what the police do something i want went to you guys i want more people and citizens to get involved i saw the black goois guy was cutup at the laundromat so a lot of things get recorded liquor when i found this noose in my room i want you to see that i didn't if i was black are gay i can't why they put it on the close it's throw out filled if the castro and my red michael jackson toy but this noose was on the tie rack in the hotel by the mason i'm political i'm
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always here and city hall i have to stand up for your rights i think we are political all our lives get political i don't know anyone that is not political so i want let you know it is time we really have more community involvement policing a greater society and g l is not night indoors. >> landlord are fox you you know we have things the champions sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work and thank you. i want to be safe on my birthday. >> excuse me. is today, our birthday. >> friday may 15 and so it's your birthday coming up on behalf of this commission happen birthday. >> and next friday is other
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persons birthday. >> thank you juicy and welcome i'm john is there speaker cards for this commission. >> no. >> thought i'd ask at a community meeting plea of of safe came to we were talking about parking in our neighborhood it is important i dealt with parking for a number of years and put together a study for the neighborhood to put in the parking and deal with the planning for the roads and everywhere else and muni and here comes in the last two years we've taken out parking on turk and now taking out parking on the 2 hundred block of eddy i have a problem all the surface
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parking lot in the tenderloin that are curling in existence right now are being utilized for parking but they also have plans to be built on and so where are all the cars going to go we have one millions people in san francisco and most of the jobs are downtown if e you keep on taking away the parking spaces the police department has the jurisdiction over the parking lots by the way, yes, they do i know i don't know if you know that i have concerned about the displacement and here an employee of safe an entity of kind of mixed up with the police department and so on and so forth telling us how to take away our parking i don't like that and one of the things when
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i was in the neighborhood my visitors wouldn't come because they can't find parking this is a concern i moved out of the neighborhood last bylaw last year because people don't feel safe parking in my neighborhood the city makes money off the parking how will they get that money back this is a disservice to the neighborhood when you start taking away parking spaces because they want to move crime out in front of several businesses. >> thank you. good evening any further public comment? well and good evening >> i get the double banker i'm michael nolte and i'm seek on behalf of i'm the executive director of alliance for a
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better district 6 and i'm going to be more specific there was an employee of san francisco safe that was advocating for the parking on the one hundred block of the street and claiming the neighbors are drawings u abusing the parking parking encroachment falls open please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. i was personally offend by an employee who receives park fund the tenderloin has a lot of disabled people and has placards and when someone says we're abusing the plaques you have to find a place to park our car and if someone is business owners
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are trying to remove the parking out in front of their businesses then there's not enough parking for the residents and people assume people don't have cars i personally have a car and placard i was perp offended so also my brother pointed out well, we'll help you if you don't like what's going on with the 2 hundred block in you live on the 3 hundred block let's do a program there are and something similar in terms of he's looking for a job on every block within the neighborhood for the crime to one block to the next to the next at some point it's a one-stop shop in the neighborhood you can organize one block and push the
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crime into other block in the tenderloin i find this is a miss way of handling the crime in the neighborhood by push it from one block to the next to the next and the business owners and the residents have to when is this going to stop i have an online positioning petition the neighborhood is using that organized enough you hear this after it is done because it goes through a process and it is easy for all the people to organizes something but the rest of the neighborhood says it didn't effect them until it effects them so this is a very important issue and this is not how you handle crime in the san francisco thank you. >> any further public comment? >> well, good evening.
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>> my name is steve commissioners chief suhr. >> i have a question regarding cameras for police officers is it being considered undercover officers wear the audio and video recordings where the need is greater and two part question and the second what are the rules of the audio recording of police officers i've been told by police officers you can't do that in the commission. >> okay. thank you do you want to provide a response. >> sure the body cameras are on the plain clothes officers and as far as tape recording someone if you inform an officer you can record them. >> is there any additional public comment inspectors next line item. >> line item 4 for a chiefs
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report and review of recent activities and the fiscal year report and the resolution safe streets for all adopted may 2015. >> good evening chief suhr. >> so i'm going to be brief i know we have a presentation unfortunately, we suffered two homicides on saturday morning on 560 larkin and eddy life-saving we have reason to building a connection because there was a common element in both without going into the details the homicide is actively working both cases and hopefully, we'll break them we had a tragic collision around 8:30 in the morning a 11 of 11-year-old
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boise boy was killed as he tried to navigate around a vehicle we'll ask you keep that little one in our prayers and, of course, the family with regards to the post trauma and the pier support obviously will be welcome on a light ier side commissioner hwang we had an out-of-town in san francisco it is a campaign against hate and specifically bullying the warriors have active in that and it is akin to in 2011 the department accident did it gets better videos anything we can get to make people more sensitive to one another especially for the young
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people to we're going to do everything we can to stop the bullying with the unbelievable impact we had our ceremony yesterday sarah was there and it was very, very well received we recognized 9 officers for they're doing the best as it was said and in a somewhat unlikely partnering that went over very well and jennifer of the homeless coalition and commander robert o'sullivan were the could host it was great we had our academy classes attend in tot to so our young folks before they get out open the streets know how important to resolve things through conversation and other techniques it be tucks it can be
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gained in the academy and, too, we had a commute congratulation thank you to the appendixes we graduated 46 recruits and hopefully in the next fiscal year it is going to be a busy time as in anyone's memory as we try to get back to full staffing and the data breakers they started other 8:00 a.m. on sunday no alcohol no vehicles back packs are relegated to make sure we/r had the water check points up and down and more officers and security and us and the event organizers want this to be a city event there be will
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people on the routed and there's a lot of kids on the data breakers we're hoping inform a for a safe event as they're in the penalty phase that was not long ago we have the boston booming it was in our minds and as great ass a job nothing can substitute for hundred thousand runners looking after each other and say something along the route there is plenty of personnel to say something along the route i'll yield the rest of my time for the presentation. >> colleagues as commander maddox if you want to get set up i'll do the brief introduction colleagues as you recall in may who were hear this commission passed a saf